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Said goodbye to alcohol on Dec 10th. 5 months. Wow. So far, as hard as it has been, it remains the best decision I've made in a long time. Had been wanting to do it for years. Very difficult when everyone around you still drinks - but I'm hanging in and I don't regret it. Life is so much better without the hangovers and self-loathing that, for me, ALWAYS followed (without exception) a night of drinking.

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Thanks for sharing this Donna. Always happy to hear how others got their own message.

"The more this happened the more I drank but still…there was a spark inside that grew slowly...even with ‘only’ a glass or two (more on weekends - sound familiar?) a day." — sounds very familiar. Lots of folks still tend to think that drinking too much means drinking a LOT, but most people are not at the extreme end of the bell curve on anything. My take on whether one has a "problem," is that if you're asking the question, it's a sign that some part of you wants to change, and so whether it helps you to call it a problem or not, the question is reason enough.

I'd invite you to dig into the question of the so-called "gene for alcoholism." Despite how alcohol use can run in families, and that led a lot of people to think of it as a 'genetic' thing, I'm not aware of any actual evidence of such a gene. It's a common misconception. Personally I think it's sort of a cultural artifact of the disease model.


I've written extensively about my own journey changing my relationship with alcohol, and how I did it, as you did, on my own terms, and without any major catastrophe...

A short version of how—and why—I changed my relationship with alcohol:


I still love wine... I just don't drink it any longer:


Five Years Sober*


Sex is Better Sober...and 19 other reasons why Alcohol is Obsolete:


Well done. Good to be here with you, on the other side!

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There is no right way. Whatever works. Thanks for sharing Donna!

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Quitting drinking has been one of the best changes I have made in my life. Stay proud of yourself, Donna!

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Thx for this. Curious if you might sip for a special toast or just use water? I’m in between.

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I admire your honesty! I hope your story resonates for someone who needs it! I am so stoked to see how it's becoming more talked about and that there seems to be a movement of sobriety. I really take issue with the culture of drinking being cool and necessary to have fun or to destress! The t shirts, the bumper stickers....the purses that can hide a whole bottle of wine! Mommy juice! yikes

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This is a lovely piece Donna. I really liked the line “I witnessed my soul lose respect for myself” - I related to that a lot.

I also appreciate that you acknowledged that there is no right way to get sober - as I think that can be helpful for people to hear.

Thank you

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Powerful Donna

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