Create conditions in your life that help you to listen to your inner wisdom and get some tools to follow it.

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Hello you Gorgeous Soul, I’m Donna. Welcome!

My hope here is to guide us both to a life of possibility and well-being by examining what lies below the layers of daily life, and in doing so take steps to shift and grow.

My wheelhouse is well-being & how to have ample energy to get through the day (I learned this the hard way). I believe this is the foundation to gain a life of meaning because if we’re running on empty we’ve got nothing. Here is one of my posts about our energy

I’ve been in health care (I’m a practicing Chiropractor, together with my husband) for 3 decades. This work, which I love, has brought me up close with thousands of folks who have shared their story with me & allowed me into their heart and soul. I learn from them. I also learn from the many teachers who come my way in the form of authors, speakers, online folks, and people in my community.

Through my writing here you’ll have a full view into what’s going on as I maneuver through midlife and the tools I’m using to navigate it. My jam is elevating our energy (how?), living to our greatest potential (may not be what we think), and all things relating to overall well-being & spirituality. I come at it from a heart-centered, evidence-based perspective, because science & spirit are my jam!

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Together, we will unravel the deeply bound threads of our conditioning and how to do the work to move past it to a more fulfilling life. (Heads up Dear One that if you get irritated by incorrect grammar and punctuation I am not your Girl! I write how I talk and occasionally make up my punctuation and lingo!)

xox Donna

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